Hazelwood Developmental


An example of an adult crib at a U.S. facility.

Originally opened in 1907 as the Hazelwood Sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis, Hazelwood Developmental was established after the need for tuberculosis treatment facilities had long passed. In 1915, the original building of Hazelwood Sanatorium was completely destroyed in a fire but was soon rebuilt. As with other facilities of its kind in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Hazelwood saw expansions and progressive changes over the years. By the early 1970s, Hazelwood Sanatorium stopped treating tubercular cases, despite the objections from a few physicians. The Commonwealth decided to repurpose Hazelwood for the intellectually and developmentally disabled who were not ambulatory. Previously, Frankfort State Hospital housed these individuals, many of whom were in so-called “crib units.” These crib units were fundamentally the same as cribs for babies, just on a much larger scale. Hazelwood is active today and operates as Hazelwood Intermediate Care Facility.

Hazelwood as a tuberculosis sanatorium.
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